Bravura Brent Spiner!

Magnificent, exceptional, dazzling, superlative, virtuoso Brent Spiner

Keeping track of Brent's Appearances at Conventions.....

I found a website which can help us Know the where & When Brent would show up at conventions.

The Website is Here.


This way we can be able to prepare ourselves for a trip to meet Him.


I hope this will be of help to all us Brent/Data Fans. :)




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I am Currently in Discussions with My Mother on doing the convention in August to Meet Brent. If anyone knows where He'll be in conventions after August. Please do tell Me so I could plan.

SUCCESS! Me & Mom got the Tickets for the Vegas Convention. This Is SO COOL. I'm gonna Meet Brent, It's like a Dream come true. :D

Woo-hoo! I'm so excited for you! Looks like everyone's going to Vegas except me. :(

Been Checking the Website for anything Brent Might appear at in 2015. I haven't found anything. I wonder what is going on with Him?

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