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Thoughts on the Soong Brothers & Some Observations to think about.

The Following is a series of Thoughts & Musings I have done in order to bring My Observations to Light. Do forgive Me if it comes off as Me Rambling As I am doing a Dialogue with Myself in this in order for these Thoughts to take form. 

For a long time from My Understanding & from interviews like these.

There Has Been this Connection With The Data Character & Autisum.

I Recently Looked at this Essay About Some of the Story Elements And Direction that the TNG Series went With Data's Character & it Did bring up some very....interesting Points.

Points that Remind Me Very Heavily about THIS little Piece of Info from this Video. (The Part in question begins at 14:03)

Now I get Gene Roddenberry didn't Have Autism or it's Specturm in Mind when creating Data (*I don't think He had even heard of it either. Is was still relatively new to People in the mid/late 80's to early 90's.*) & had instead pulled from a Pool of His Past Creations & Examples from Literature to amalgamate into the Character....

Spock obviously since Data was to Be TNG's equivalent to Him As Much as Spock's Mirror.

Questor from a Short Lived Series Created by Roddenberry which also stared an Android.

Xon a Character from the Forerunner to The First Star Trek Film: Star Trek Phase 2 Who was a Full Blooded Vulcan & Had to Study & Understand Humanity in order to better work along side the rest of the Enterprise Crew. (*& While Xon didn't make it into the first Star Trek Film. Willard Decker & Ilia: The Forerunners to William Riker & Deanna Troi, Had.*)

Pinocchio obviously. It's even Acknowledged by The characters within TNG, Riker Mainly. Data dose have a Childlike Innocence & Naivety to Him about the Universe & Everything that Lives on it.

& Finally, Thanks to the Creation of the Episode "DataLore" Which introduces Data's Brother we get another Literary inspiration.

Frankenstein's Monster. & They did explore this idea in the episode "Thine Own Self" a season 7 episode.

Which also Brings Up another Thing I kinda Picked Up with the Lore Character & The Android Brothers in general Which is in itself An interesting Study. I learned about it when I found this Fan Made Midquel to the "MOTHER/Earthbound" trilogy of Video games with the same name. Especially This Part of the Game where they Explain what Cognitive Dissonance is.... (*The Part is at 3:40 & ends at 6:05*) ... "Being at War with Yourself".

Indeed As the Series went on We saw the Two Android Brothers with Things in there Characters & Personalities that do contradict each other.

Data Desires to Be Human but, He doesn't want to lose what Makes Him Unique in the universe in the process.

Lore Dose very Evil & Bad things But, As Shown in "Brothers" He wants Everyone & Everything in the Universe to Understand Him, Love Him even.

While Autism dose have People that are "Good" There are also People that are "Bad" as well within them. People with "Asperger's Syndrome" From what I understand & Because I have a Brother & Father Who Has it. Do not have any empathy at all, Have Low Self Esteem & Self Hatred.

People like that can go down two different paths, One of which they Become the Bullies themselves. They would Attack others & act Like they are "the greatest thing since sliced bread" in order to Hide there Feelings of worthlessness & Pump themselves up.  

I admit even without Autisum, Teenagers get this way to with there ever changing bodies, people, situations & Environments. especially in Males.

& I've Know that sometimes People like that do tend to d stupid things which can lead to a Situation in which they are forced into the Adult World without the necessary preparations or Transitions.

Yes, I do Believe Lore Represents This Part of Autism as well as the "Inferiority & Superiority Complex" parts. & if Data Had "Child" in mind when Creating His Character for the TNG Series, Lore defiantly Represents the "Adolescent/Teenager" mentality.

Think on it If He is all that He Believes He is. Superior & Better than Data, Why dose He constantly feel Threatened by Him. What dose He see in Data that Data cannot see in Himself?

(*This OP will be Continued & Updated from time to time as More of My Train of Thoughts & Studies of the Characters come into light. I feel there is a lot to Discuss, Debate (*& the potential for a Story*) that May come from this.*)

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