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Various shots of Brent Spiner at Events; Misc Photos As Well

Brent Spiner and Cast of Big Bang Theory

Celebrating INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY with a reluctant @BrentSpiner #40thousandfeet
21 hours ago

Brent Spiner\

1/8th Bev meets up with a familiar american tourist

Brent in Rome (FREAKIN' WOW!)

"Don't hack Brent Spiner's Facebook account, or you will be punished!"

Happy blue pills, celebrities and hunky catnip come together in Houston to serenade TUTS
By Joel Luks
4.24.13 | 11:06 am

@BrentSpiner I heard that a young lass flirted with you for some time without knowing that you're famous. Rock on.

Thanks to @BrentSpiner for supporting his hometown and TUTS 2013 Gala #tuts #houston

>> Special guest Brent Spiner!!! Data from Star Trek: TNG!

Still from Trekkies. #brentspiner #gorgeous #beautiful

Mr Beautiful Man on BBC2's The Star Trek Story earlier on this evening, from 1996. #brentspiner

Younger Brent in professional shot:

Threshold-era Brent. #brentspiner #threshold

Brent 1776 Event

Indeed! Beautiful <3

Your wish is my command...

Current desktop, right now.

This one

I REALLY like this one.


Video: Star Trek’s ‘Data’ checks out Google Glass for first time: ‘How do I reset?’
May 29, 2013 at 5:46 pm by Taylor Soper

Bill Nye and Star Trek’s ‘Data’ helping asteroid miners with ‘unprecedented’ new project
May 27, 2013 at 10:38 am by Taylor Soper

Striving for Exuberance
This is a picture of Brent Spiner talking to Bill Nye. Bzzzzzzzzzzz. #ARKYD
I’m nerdgasming.

stuartpb Stuart P. Bentley 11h
@BrentSpiner sitting nonchalantly ten feet from me. This must be how the captain of the Enterprise feels. #starstruck

Jilian Winterfeld ‏@JilianWinter
@BrentSpiner talking with Bill Nye! #arkyd

GeekWire ‏@geekwire
Look who just walked in … it's @BrentSpiner a.k.a. Lieutenant Commander Data

Lydia Voorhees ‏@elleslid
The coolest guy, @BrentSpiner chillin w/@PlanetaryRsrcs HS interns!

Lydia Voorhees ‏@elleslid
@elleslid: The hubs being interviewed by @BrentSpiner #ARKYD #spaceselfie

Taylor Soper ‏@Taylor_Soper
This is awesome: @BrentSpiner from @StarTrek trying out @projectglass

Chris Voorhees ‏@voorhc
My #spaceselfie for the #ARKYD space telescope with @hankgreen and @BrentSpiner. Woo hoooh!!!!

Jilian Winterfeld ‏@JilianWinter
Brent Spiner and I

Q&A: Star Trek’s ‘Data’ on autism, space travel, and the link between humanity and technology
May 30, 2013 at 10:20 am by Taylor Soper

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